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Concert Review: Lights Is A Giver of Hope At Samsung 837

Lights gave a spectacular show at Samsung 837 that left me SHOOKETH! I had the pleasure of interviewing Lights, and was impacted by her sweetness and candor. The fiery, red-headed creative has gone beyond her singing talents to become a comic-book creator, i.e. Skin & Earth. Thus, it is no surprise the she is such a visionary performer; molding her presence as if she is, literally, a comic-book heroine combatting the villainy of insecurities.
Lights – New Fears (Official Music Video)

Wearing a huge over-coat, she moved and twisted her body like she was fighting invisible forces, and sang her songs with a literal bite; showing her pearly teeth as if to sing a verse was to gnaw away at sadness. Lights has quite a range that may not be as felt on record because, live, she is all about riffing. Not one song from classics like, “Running With The Boys” to “Giants”, was left without a sweet run of her vocal capacity. She can be as light as a feather; airing her vocality like wind coursing through its textured plumes or, she can belt with the power of a bull-horn calling everyone to board the ship home. She is the ripe combination of delicate and daredevil, which spoke perfectly to the crowd. As I looked around, all I saw were young faces singing her words as if they were what their hearts had always wanted to tell their minds. Tracks like “From All Sides”, “New Fears”, and “Up We Go” feel dedicated to the many times our heart and mind clashed; our heart telling us to go forward while our mind said run away. Thus, witnessing their connection to her sound made me happy to know future generations have someone worthy of their hope.
Lights – Savage (Official Music Video)

I have never seen an artist receive so many gifts and “I Love You’s” at a concert. After every song, you heard, at least, one person yell, “I Love you!”, of which Lights caught and threw it right back with an “I love you, too!”. She was also given a care package, a crystal necklace, and a thank you letter, which I imagined held words like, “You have changed my life!” and “Your music understands me!”. Lights hugged the giving fans, and seemed surprised and moved by her effects on others. Yet, I was not. From her music to her demeanor, Lights represents every person that felt like an outcast because they believed in the best of themselves and humanity over the worst. Thus, to learn more about Lights and the hope she brings Click Here.
Lights – Giants (Official Music Video)