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Diandra Interviews Dagny: A Positive Pop Star Centered In Hope

Before I got to witness the concert of rising star, Dagny, I had the pleasure of interviewing her. Amongst the shifting crew prepping for the night’s show, I had the opportunity to interview an artist as key on feeling hope as she is on giving it.

Dagny – Wearing Nothing

If there is one thing I learned about Dagny is that she loves to learn. Beneath her upbeat sound is a sincere quest to absorb this earth for all the good it can offer, and use to contrast all the doom it can bring. It is a noble goal, and one she deliver with a fiery, funny, and kind personality. Yes, Dagny can rock the stage, but more importantly she can offer wisdom on how to keep centered as an artist and person with so many desires to accomplish. So Click Below My Dagny  Interview To Learn Lessons like:

1)How humility keeps you balanced in the music industry
2)Happy, upbeat music is as cathartic as sad songs
3)Using songs as reminders on what aspects of yourself you want to grow

Warning: She says a few “bad words”, but it is all in sending good messages! 

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