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Concert Review: Dagny Storms Irving Plaza Like A Kween!


Irving Plaza was struck by a Norwegian storm known as Dagny. With enough energy to tear the roof off of any dance-hall, Dagny came in like a pop force; she was ready to change lives. The result was an electrifying performance that shows the future of music is female, and a pop queen is rising.
Dagny – Wearing Nothing

Wearing an electric blue jump-suit, Dagny appeared like a pop mechanic; checking every key and synth to make sure your music drives in top shape. “Wearing Nothing”, “Backbeat”, “Let It Rain” and “Love You Like That” rolled in as if Dagny was a human machine of pop hits; manufacturing sounds meant for radio with a voice meant for the world. Pop divas are not always as glorified for their phenomenal vocals because listeners have the tendency to diminish “happy music”. Yet, Dagny radiates that feeling good is powerful, and prowls her songs for any riffing opportunity. She wants you to know she has an octave-jumping voice, and she will be using it to give you hope or, at the very least, a dance party. It was hard not to feel so taken by her tracks that you mutually left the space by staying in it. In essence, when you hear a good song or see a good performer, if they are truly great, they make you forget about everything and all your surroundings so that all that lives is your connection to their song. Dagny served such moments on a platter with her anthemic, cheering pop sound like in “Fool’s Gold”. 
Dagny – Love You Like That (Audio)

As Dagny contorted her voice and body like she was on her own mindful, music rollercoaster, I could not help but imagine: Dagny at MSG (Sold Out!). The way she moves feels as if joy is swinging her around, of which who does not want to be apart of that? Ariana Grande, Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Demi Lovato have all thrived and built deeply loyal followings off of giving amazing vocals and tracks that say, “I am a FIERCE KWEEN!”. With all the doom and gloom that bombard television, Dagny comes off as another sonic and dynamic performer to say that a good time can be as real as a bad one. Thus, for a show where you will feel happy in the purity that is sweet, pop music Click Here For More Information On  Dagny!
Dagny ft Børns – Fool’s Gold