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Album Review: Corey Gulkin Remembers All The Things I’ll Forget

Corey Gulkin has created an album that feel like a Where The Wild Things Are for love. All The Things I’ll Forget is magical in its approach of relationships’ loss of magic. You simply let Gulkin’s voice hush you while she sings to the many times love left you screaming.

Gulkin’s voice feels like it was made from the vocals of every mother singing her child a lullaby. It is so warm and altruistic, she comes off has someone who has never known or caused harm. Yet, that is the magic of All The Things I’ll Forget; the ability to show heartbreak is apart of every fairytale. The princess and the prince will separate, and maybe they will get back together or not, but love will always be present in their lives even if they do not share it with each other.

The tenderness of Gulkin’s vocals gives you solace as you pour your own soul into tracks like, “Under The Covers”, “Unknown Lovers”, “The Room”, and “Hail The Creator”. Lyrically, she displays how naked love makes you, which is why every lost lover feels like a lost heart. The minute you let someone see the body of your soul, they own a little piece of it. Yet, that fact does not have to be scary or endangering. Hence, Gulkin arranges her songs like they are the soundtrack for Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Sonically, All The Things I’ll Forget dances like a fairy flying through a forest. Synths dip, keys soar, and chords swing as if to have wings makes you unconfined by typical movements. Every track, from “All The Things I’ll Forget” to “What’s Done Is Done”, are leaved with instrumentals that feel greened by nature. You simply picture this fairy throwing fairy-dust on broken hearts in hopes they believe in love again, especially self-love. Nothing grows or shatters more in a relationship then how much you love yourself. Being with someone else helps you reflect on what it is you bring to others as an individual, of which Gulkin offers so much with All Thing I’ll Forget. For More Information And To Buy All The Things I’ll Forget on January 26 Click Here.

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