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Album Review: Feist Proves The Simplicity of Pleasure

Feist’s newest album, Pleasure, might as well be from a completely new artist. Its sound is so stripped from the “bells and whistles” of her record, The Reminder and Metals, that it seems emblematic of how the years change us. Known for her exuberant wisdom, Feist has eased the colorful flash of her production and focused on her sage lyricism. Hence, Pleasure shows that growing up is about how you simplify your definitions of joy.
Feist – Pleasure

In Pleasure, every chord, drumbeat, and key seems to be arranged according to minimalism. If Feist wanted to make an entrance in her last album, then in Pleasure she is over thinking about how she enters a room, and is more pensive as to how she stays in it. Songs like, “Young Up”, “Baby Be Simple”, and “Lost Dreams” are so quiet in voice and statement that they almost appear whispered. Feist’s voice has always had a sweet elegance to it that matched well with the vibrancy of her sound, yet, for Pleasure, in turning down the sonic dial, her voice appears more thoughtful. She even sings tracks such as “A Man Is Not His Song” and “I’m Not Running Away” with a considerate calculation; as if every lyric she utters has to go through her mind for approval before it can reach your heart. The result is an album that is slow and drawn in pace but still enlightening like, a candle with a cautious burn. You stay through tracks because they comes off like serenades; with even “Any Party” and “Century”, arguably the most “raucous” songs of the album, still having a certain gentility to them. Overall, the wistful delicacy of this album makes like a sweet, edible pastry you wish to cherish because you relish in its simple pleasure.
Feist – Century

While some may think becoming simple is a material loss, Feist shows becoming simple is a spiritual gain. Through the years and through this album, Feist has seen that clarity, especially the clearness of happiness, is not about seeing the bigger picture as much as witnessing the small details. For More Information On Feist And To Buy Pleasure On April 28 Click Here.