Album Review: Johnny Fox’s “Cais” Is For You To Dream

You ever look at a couple falling asleep on each other or a child laying to rest on their parent’s shoulder. You may notice their peaceful holds of each other, but what fascinates me is their trust that they would receive such a hold. It is a beautiful thought to know that you have someone that will give you their shoulder for you to rest upon, and in many ways, Johnny Fox’s Cais, is an embodiment of that moment; you trust his music to give you rest. 

Cais means wharf in Portuguese, which is a structure on a harbor where boats can dock. The album, in sonic essence, is exactly that: a musical place where you can dock your ship of life and walk off to another, calming destination. The entire record is the epitome of tranquil, as it should be. Irishman Johnny Fox created the record with his girlfriend, Brazilian graphics artist/ jewelry designer, Samantha Capatti as they lived in lush, exuberant city of Sao Paolo. It was there that the seeds for this record to grow were planted. 

Sao Paola is South America’s largest city, and can fill millions of books with its tales of human highs and lows. Absolutely every poet would be inspired, which explains the starry lyricism of Capatti. Being her first display ever of her writings, Cais is filled with symbols and quiet, emotional stirrings of one’s imagination. For those unfamiliar with the Portuguese language, it is one that lends itself to romance, which, clearly, Capatti realized and used so that even the darkest lyrics seemed like a grey cloud: airy but quick to float away. Instead, her words and images are based in beauty, and, at the very least, a longing for it, which makes the record feel light and refreshing. Moreover, you will not need to know Portuguese to enjoys the record, although you would miss out on the gorgeous words of Capatti. Instead, Fox’s soothing voice lends to the gentility of beauty by assuring it is always soft like, a parent whispering lullabies into a child’d ears. His only aim is to assure that his voice elevates Capatti’s words into your dreams.  

Cais is hypnotically melodic and a stunning record to be played when you do not want to think anymore. I know that seems like a weird time to recommend an album, but we all have moments where our mind feels so overworked we wish we could remove for a break. When the wheels of thought keep on churning you can grow desperate for peace, and Cais is like an instant hit of it. Thus, proving that love between two people truly is healing, Congrats Johnny and Samantha on this Cais, which you can buy HERE!