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Artist Close Up: Taylor Noelle Shows California Love To Nashville

Sometimes, you find a city. Other times, a city finds you. Taylor Noelle is a born and raised L.A. native, but she moved to Nashville her senior year of high school and never looked back. She found a deep, spiritual connection to the city that is the heart of country. There she studied music business and the records of soulful greats like, Adele and The Alabama Shakes. This explains why Noelle’s new Out Of My System EP, out November 25,  is seeded in emotional honesty and grows into catchy leaves/hooks.

For Noelle, like many, music is a cathartic experience. She uses her songs as a way to alleviate the passions she feels, of which are like the negatives and positives every human being can undergo. The result is a stunning, four track EP that brims with the woes and whims of young love. Noelle never hides the truth of her confusions, desires, and needs when it comes to life and relationships, which makes both a sonic and spiritual bridge between her and listeners. Moreover, it gives the rising artist an added charm, which can help her to become like genre crossing superstars Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood, whose songs beat with a country heart, flow like a pop stream, and expand with their lyrical universality.

Out of My System begins with “Too Good” a charismatic, quick-moving, and lyrically blunt song telling her cheating man what she is: too good. The song is rhythmically balanced in that its quick enough to match the fluid melody of Noelle’s cooing vocals, and has enough bounce to make sure those that want to dance can follow the country-step rhythms. Trust me, in a subtle way, this song is one to dance! Next up is, “I Fall”, a beautiful opus written by a fragile fear to fall in love and a soft guitar. By far my favorite song, Noelle oozes with a mixture of sweetness and heart-wrenching as she opens up over her insecurity to give her heart to another person because, as we all know, it does not mean they will take care of it. This track is to play when you need a tear and a truth on the scariness of new relationships. Country with a 1950’s pop flare, Noelle’s voice continues to charm in third track, “Won’t Waste My Time”. She has a honeyed voice that glosses her firm lyrics on embracing and empowering herself. It is as if her inner strength were the cake to her frosted, delicious vocals. Hence, you find your self eating up each of her song’s for their welcomingly sugared positivity, including her last track “Covers Me”. This song was a perfect ending to her show the light and talent that went into her EP. As Noelle’s voice lulls over the brightly, meditative rhythms, you want let love cover you as it has happily covered her.

Honestly, I am extremely excited about Taylor Noelle’s future. She has all the right ingredients to become a superstar. She is talented, humble, and ready to give her heart to the world and music. Such candied determination cannot be denied, and I would NOT be surprised to see her in the CMA’s very soon. This LA native is bound to be a Nashville star. Click here for more information on Taylor Noelle and To Buy Here EP Out Of My System on November 25.