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Album Review: Joywave Give Good Music And Vibes Through Content

Joywave’s Content is explores the concept of its double- meaning. On one hand, “content” is to be fine or okay with life and yourself. On the other hand, “content” is an influx of details and information. The irony of both of content’s meanings is that they both affect each other; the details of something affect whether you are fine with it. Thus, Content is Joywave’s vibrantly seductive exploration of that relationship. 

Joywave – It’s A Trip! (Official Video)

Muddled synths, creaking chords, sweet basslines, twinkled keys and booming drumrolls are what you can expect in Content. Of course, these might sound like clashing when described, but, when heard, Joywave’s Content plays like a satisfying action sequence. Love blooms in “Let’s Talk About Feelings” , life churns on in “It’s A Trip” ,and self-healing begins in “ Going To A Place”. From satirical to serious, Joywave understand the lines between puns and perspective. Their vibrant lyricism and sonics like, in “Doubt” and “Shutdown” pierce in their ability to make poignancy feel absorbable. They present life situations and deeper thoughts on relationships like they are not far-fetched concepts or untouchable feelings. While music, in general, seems to display either “falling in love” or heartbreak as themes, at times, songs can make love seem too basic or grandiose to be present within and for people. Joywave freshens up the sound and approach of a person’s #relationshipgoals through fantastical verses and instrumentals. Suddenly, love sucks you in and gains a voice through the range and charisma of lead singer Daniel Armbruster. 
Joywave – Content (Official Audio)

Armbuster can croon, swoon, and swing a vocal note for its worth. For him, how you sing only matters as to how you feel. Hence, tracks like “Content” and “Rumors” are like emotions raining an 80’s inspire electronic back-drop. Thus, Content shows makes listeners happy with its meticulously arranged and constructed songs; each one different than the other, but the same in excellency. For More Information On Joywave And To Buy Content On July 28 Click Here. 
Joywave – When You’re Bored (Official Audio)