Album Review: Lady Lamb Travels The World To Make The “Tender Warriors Club”

From Maine to Brooklyn and then Portugal to rural Sweden, Lady Lamb traveled the world inspired by music. Focused on making an intimately, vulnerable record, she scoured the earth to find herself and redefine what comfort means to the human soul. Is comfort in the vibrant art-spaces of Brooklyn or the Scandinavian greenery of Sweden? Or does the destination matter as much as the traveling spirit? A good question when trying to join the Tender Warriors Club.

After listening to the stunning, deeply personal Tender Warriors Club, I have concluded that this club is one that everyone should want to enter. The whole record feels like it was written by Lady Lamb in the silence of her thoughts while she glared, alone, through a quaint window. You can sense the palpitating eagerness and thoughtfulness in her lyricism to decipher how thinking equates strength. Like Lady Lamb, who has not wondered who is best version of his or herself?  Yet, our mind plays trick on us or turns like a hamster-wheel running speedy ladders of sentiments that are not all our own or positive. Hence. Tender Warriors Club is the written journey of Lady Lamb, real name Aly Spaltro, to stay soft no matter how hard life has gotten or will get. The pact she makes with herself is beautiful, and one all should follow because being strong means being open.

It is so easy to close off when life hits you hard, but in songs like the banjo driven folk track “We Are Nobody Else” and the lyrical scars caused by “Salt” Lady Lamb goes the through the crashing waves of disappointment that teach human beings how to swim in resilience. Unfortunately, suffering teaches you perseverance, and Lady Lamb has realized this fact at such a young age. She verbally analyzes the shadowy “let-downs” of relationships like, in the country flared/ Lumineers-esque song (“See You”) and the sour turns that life can hand you when you have no self-meaning or identity, (“Tangles”), which should be a song featured on HBO’s Girls. (Putting it out there, Universe!) I cannot reiterate the gut-wrenching, sincere vocals of this songstress. Her songs are not just melodies, but rhythmic truths into what is femininity, generosity, love, and strength.

Lady Lamb’s songs are all string-driven, which allows them to build a solemn, solid foundation for her wise words on sensitivity and womanly introspection. The singer has a vast, virtuous vocal ranges that pierces and pulses with emotion. It is this ability that transforms Lady Lamb’s sung lyrics into released thoughts into the universe, like a young woman writing her internal truths on her external diary. That level of honesty gives her singing/ vocals a  uniqueness that distinguishes her and her music for the moments when you want to hear “real” music or rather songs that embody the nuances of the human soul. Each track feels like a celestial spotlight has been drawn on Lady Lamb, and, with a guitar in hand, she must tell God the light and dark tales that defined her earthly journey. 
I loved Lady Lamb’s Tender Warriors Club. It is so instantaneously good that I feel like you should not buy it once but a thousand times! For those that state there is no more good music or true artists, please listen to Lady Lamb’s Tender Warriors Club to refresh your hope. For More Information On Lady Lamb or to buy Tender Warriors Club On December 1 Click Here.
Lady Lamb’s Advice 
find the courage to be sensitive
 be emotionally vulnerable
be comfortable with & embrace solitude
never compromise their integrity
 be true 
be kind
practice self-acceptance & self-love
give an honest effort
be present
be patient 
be transparent