Song Of The Week: Giorgio Moroder’s “Good For Me” Will Make You Dance!

I have so much genuine respect for Giorgio Moroder. The DJ has been rocking this world for decades, and seems near eternal with synth-pop rhythms. Born in Italy in 1940, he has been and International DJ in some of the hottest clubs in the word. From New York To Ibiza or from 1970 to NOW, he has shown that the synthesizer is the instrument of the future. 

In 1977, Moroder made history with “the first disco hit entirely produced with a synthesizer,” Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love.” His innovation was a huge door-opener to music today and, in some ways, a step into the current Millennial music scene. From EDM to synth-pop, Moroder’s fascination with the syntehtisizer as a builder of sonic fantasies has made him a living legend/futurist of music, which is why his newest hit “Good For Me” is my song of the week. 
With Karen Harding seductively perusing her voice over a discotheque love story, “Good For Me” may sound like a techno-carnival began a parade in your body and mind. Still, it is a heartfelt look into the insecurity of love. Harding has a ripe voice to blend sultry with sincere. Although her voice charms with its melodic nature, it is her ability to bring out the honesty of yearning for a love that is so powerful it makes you wonder your readiness for it. She elevates what already seems like a pedestal of sound created by the great Giorgio Moroder. Click Here For More Information On Giorgio Moroder.