Song Of The Week: Luke Christopher’s “Therapy” Gives Listeners Exactly That

When your introduction to Hip Hop was through Tupac and your artistic inspiration is Stevie Wonder, it is not surprising that the rising rapper/singer Luke Christopher is all about musical “Therapy”. His newest track has a smooth, calming effect, where his voice are the sage words a therapist gives you to ease your mind and find your issues. Hence, “Therapy” by Luke Christopher is my song of the week. 
Christopher is known for his expansive, soulful style that makes his songs alleviate listeners. I know that alleviation may seem small, but while most mainstream music aims the “hype” you up, which Christopher can easily do, the singer thrives on tracks that cool a spirit down. “Therapy” is like a three minute moment of peace. Yes, it has a bouncing Hip Hop beat and a subtle guitar stringing liveliness to the track, but, over all the bopping rhythms, this song is about relationship analysis. As Luke Christopher spreads his voice like sweet honey over sound, he is asking his lover to decipher what she needs and wants from both him and herself in the relationship. This is such an important question that often goes ignored in love, but yet molds how it is manifested. How you love yourself and how you want to be loved by others is vital in relationship health, and Luke Christopher’s voice will make any listener want to get healthy. He has the mixed blend of tenderness and insightfulness that make his song more than just cathartic; they become therapeutic. 
Luke Christopher is beaming with continuing prosperity and a rich voice. His song, and my obsession, “A Lot To Learn” has 56 million plays on Spotify. Moreover, his EP’s TMRW and YSTRDY will make everyone beg for a FULL ALBUM. Click Here To Learn More About Luke Christopher.