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Album Review: Mexican Institute of Sound Returns With Disco Popular

Mexican Institute of Sound is about to release his newest album in four years, and you need to be prepared! Disco Popular is another notch into his portfolio of “bangers”, and their literal proof that talent is a universal language. M.I.S Disco Popular shows why he has become international in success, and acclaimed in influence throughout Latin America.
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BANDERAS OUT PEOPLE! “Cumbia Bomba”, “Rebel”, and “Pa La Calle” are the essence of Latin Heat. Camilo Lara is one of the top DJ’s and producers in the world because he knows how to bring the heart of Latino/ Mexican culture into delicious beats that make you wonder whether your ears can have “filling meals”. Honestly, your sonics will devour tracks such as, “Delirando”, “Dame Un Besito”, and “Popular” for their capacity to make rhythms feel fluid with intricacy. While most DJ’s/ composers aim to make you move, Lara wants you to DANCE. The difference lies in that any song can make you “move”, but, the minute you start planning your steps, it is because you want to impress. Lara wants you to show what you have, which is why his lyrics teeter between igniting your inner rebel while also showing that, sometimes, your wild side is your better one. From “Las Marcas Del Amor” to “Temblando”, and with features from La Yegros and Calexico, M.I.S has created an album that proves a groove can reach your soul and make a spoken word feel like a crown upon it.

Lyrically, Disco Popular ranges from satirical to sensual, i.e. “Menea Tu Cuerpo”, but overall this record is about having thoughtful fun. It modernizes classic, disco vibes when going to a club was an EVENT, and showing your rhythm was a must. Nowadays, it is hard to make things feel big and insightful, especially things like “fun”. Yet, Mexican Institute of Sound’s Disco Popular proves that investing in a good time is proof that you can think better. For More Information on Mexican Institute of Sound And To Buy Disco Popular On November 10 Click Here.