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Album Review: Saents Self Titled EP Shows How We All Feel Like Sinners

I am convinced no saint died feeling like she or her was a saint. Frankly, saint seems like such a rich term/ feeling compared to the actual lives these divine human beings lived. Honestly, who really looks at the life of Joan of Arc to say, “Ugh, so jealous!”. Enters Saents self-titled EP, which crashes into the five-track chaos that is life for us, regular folk, i.e. sinners. 

My mother always said, “There is a reason you only become a saint when you are dead!”. She never followed up the statement with the actual reason, but Saents’ tracks like “Lay Me Down”, “Blood”, and “Twenty Three, I’m Gone”  can be good explainers. Lead vocalist Rett Smith sings his songs like he has disappeared. Both lyrically and vocally he represents how vacant we can feel when approaching our life. There are so many times, as persons, that we want to check out from a situation, relationship, or just the felt “burden” of being ourselves. Smith smokily approaches this uncomfortable truth by writhing, simmering, and stretching his voice like a sturdy boot slowly  pressing into mud. The mud, of course, being your mind, which can also be your worst enemy. For Smith, if there is one thing blocking him from “sainthood”, it is the darkness of his thoughts. Yet, “dark thoughts” are not always perverse as they are petty. The simplicity of feeling “not enough, like in “Hallelujah And Do – Si – Do”, or wanting someone to fulfill you, “Coming For You”, explains why we tether to our personal negativity or the persons we claim are our “positivity”. If we never see ourselves as our own light, we either obsess over someone thinking their presence can make us feel “present” or succumb to feeling, again, disappeared. 

Yes, I got REALLY deep into this four track EP, which why I recede now to say Saents dark rock is just plain good.  Their self-titled EP is a taste of how much we need music company for our misery. Why? Because there is a reason music feeds the soul; it makes us feel it, and, in doing so gives us an opportunity to better it. Saents EP comes out on November 10 Click Here.