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Album Review: Langhorne Slim’s “Lost At Last Vol 1” Makes Me Feel Found

Twain, Whitney, Angel Olsen, and now Langhorne Slim have released recent albums that strip back the synths and ass the acoustics. Their records carry a bare feeling that highlights their talent but also their perspectives on what it is to life life and discover its multiple meaning. Langhorne Slim’s Lost At Last Vol 1 is a ride into the journey of someone who is no longer seeking for answers, but letting them come.

My grandma always used to say, “Don’t search, just discover!”. The difference lies in calm. When you overextend yourself in desperation and desire for a certain outcome/ response, you miss vitals points and lessons that could fulfill you more throughout your challenge. “Life Is Confusing”, “Old Things” and “Lost This Time” pretty much say their “vibes” in title. Langhorne’s voice seems shuffled in his onward epiphany that maybe fighting the instability of life is why he feels so unstable. It is as if giving into life’s “no rhyme or reason” policy allows him to better find personal meaning like, in “Better Man”, “Never Break”, and “Bluebird”. It is a curious and wise note because, in this world, people often try see why suffering happens to them, but, maybe, it just happens. Thus, lyrically, Langhorne’s sees the bad times as challenges, of which the reasons are not as important as the opportunities to better yourself. With his voice, I certainly feel better.

I saw and fell in love with Langhorne Slim in concert. His folk music aims for the heart and heartbreak of humanity; with his vocals, literally, sounding wedged into the veins of feelings. He sings his notes as if they have been capped by sentiment, and his lyrics along with his guitar melodies are the wisdom to uncap them. Yet, most importantly, Langhorne know hows to make music that is both imaginative but grounded in spiritual common ground. From “Zombie” to “Money Road Shuffle”, Slim pats your quietly, dour sensibilities with every chord he tickles with muse, and elevates them with a voice made to feel personal but undoubtedly received universally. Thus, it is hard not feel like “Lost At Last” is about being free by accepting that being “lost” is simply apart of life.  For More Information On Langhorne Slim And To Buy Lost At Last Vol 1 Click Here.