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Concert Review: Twain Is Biblical Meekness In Voice At Union Pool

I am in love with Twain’s lead singer Mt. Davidson.. I cry when I hear his voice (I am being serious!). It is so genuinely beautiful, and, when live, he has no problem throwing a vocal riff or flare to show that every song was written with a thoughtfulness and heart that not many of us can we achieved .Purity, potency, and meekness meet this talent on the stage, and bow to provide one of the most gorgeous concert experiences at Union Pool.

Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the world! Yes, I got biblical for a voice that can reverse plagues with its beauty. Now, Mt. Davidson isn’t a chatty artist, but he says what he means. Thus, as he thanked everyone with true sincerity, I was moved and ready for him to begin playing Rare Feeling from beginning to end. As he said, “You do not know what it means to me me that you showed”, the quote played into every song, and made me realize a central theme to this wonderful record: showing up. In our life, every moment and person seems to be divided by those that “show up” for us in our times of need, those that leave us when we want them most, and the times when we ourselves showed up or hid away from opportunity. Mt. Davidson rang in his voice like he was the embodiment of “Amazing Grace”; looking to Heaven for a friend, but finding ill company in hell. That loneliness but gnawing desire for love fills every track of Rare Feeling, from “Good Old Friend” to “Freed From Doubt”, and made me want to take Twain and protect them from all hurt. There is a grandeur to Mt. Davidson’s smallness that made me understand better this famous, Biblical quote; there is something infinitely beautiful and virtuous to being simple.


All Twain’s Mt. Davidson had to do to capture hearts was sing. He did not have special effects or do a highly choreographed routine. He did not do a public diary of every feeling he ever had, and no rowdy, bar patron could distract from the quiet humility and whimsical talent that is him. Yet, through his voice and simps melodies, you felt you knew everything about Twain, and as they lyrically acknowledged every emotion that has coursed through you. Twain is talent as its core, and goodness at its highest. Thus, I BEG OF YOU! Go see Twain. Do yourself the favor! Click Here For More Information On Twain Click Here.