Album Review: Migos Have Brought A Parade To Hip Hop “Culture”

For some time, Migos have been definers of Hip Hop Culture without recognition or mainstream fame. Their ability to create catchy hooks, memorable phrases, and even dance crazes like “Look At Me Dab” has garnered them a cult-like following and caught the eye of their fellow peers such as, Childish Gambino. Yet, the Atlanta Trio is ready to transition into the forefront of Hip Hop in their new album Culture.

There are many things that define a culture: its history, its traditions, and communal dynamics. Your culture can influence how you approach the world, and how you approach the world can influence your culture. It is a cyclical and symbiotic relationship that I highlight because Migos seeking to add more fun to Hip Hop culture. While this genre is rightfully known for its poesy and uncanny ability to capture human/social heartache, Hip Hop is also a headlining music for the club scene. It is not only a  culture that makes you think, but also one that makes you dance, to which Migos have gone for the latter. Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset rap with a lyrical flow that sounds like three engines being revved up to go for the ride of their life. Their quickness never dwindles their noted fervor or joy to live life to the fullest, especially through money.

Migos’ ability to spear-head through debaucherous prose matches perfectly with their own, self-described “new money” mentalities. They are living a much higher life than ever before, and marveling at the different tastes that life leaves in your mouth when you go from ramen noodles to five-star meals. For the rest of us, whom are still eating “Cup O Noodles”  for dinner, the world they paint feels richly distant. Cars, money, and mansions seem to fall from Heaven for Migos, which makes Culture a material-based fantasy for listeners. Who does not wish to travel the world on private jets or pop champagne over a fancy, new car? Even when we are broke, we still dream wealthy, which is why visually and sonically Culture will appeal to the dance/club scene.

The club is not a space to pull up a yoga mat and meditate on life’s decisions. When you go to dance, it is because you are escaping life’s decisions to have an instant, spiritual release. You leave your anxieties at the front door with the bouncer, and grab a drink like it is a doctor’s orders. Hence, Culture is the perfect album to ignite and satisfy the moments when we do not want to feel but still want to be moved. Rhythmically, Culture is unstoppable with each track sophisticatedly arranged to both match and forward Hip Hop’s sonic game. It is as if Migos know what will be hitting the music/ dance scene before it enters the radio,  which for awhile they have. Yet, this year their intuition for hit singles will be rewarded through Culture. To Buy Migos’ Culture Click Here.