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Album Review: NEFE’s Empowers Listeners In Debut EP “Mama”

Can you hear talent? That is an argument that most music-lovers do not even have because we all concur: YES YOU CAN! NEFE, real name Sarah J Felker, is a Toronto songstress that instantly says to listeners “I AM Talent!”, at least, she does in her debut EP Mama. With a voice that guzzles Soul as if it pours out of her like champagne; you cannot help but want to drink up NEFE’s music.

Mama is both an album displaying NEFE’s longevity within and deserve of a major music platform. Each song such as “Skin” and “We All Need Love” seems to have been written with gold ink by angels. Her ability to empower listeners with her music is celestial, and leaves behind all the “cheeky” or “cheesy” catch-phrases that can make positivity seem pompous. There is a humility to her lyricism like in “Minute” and “Skint” that makes empowerment come off enlightening. Since when does calling women or yourself “ugly” motivate beauty, or tell me one time that shaming someone’s spirit made them better. In Mama, NEFE completes the difficult task of showing listeners the difference between encouragement and judgement, which can often be confused. Moreover, she gives this wisdom with a voice that has been compared to the folkish sentimentality Tracy Chapman and the unique likability of Bruno Mars.
NEFE – Minute (Audio)

It is hard to describe the wonder that is Nefe’s voice, but it poignant that she is compared to Mars and Chapman because both have voices that are strictly theirs. They, like NEFE, cannot be confused with another voice in sound, style, and message. Combining R&B and Soul with hints of rock and folk music, Nefe is the kind of artist you both like and love because she makes you like and love yourself. For More Information On NEFE, To See Her At Rivoli on April 21, or buy Mama on April 21 Click Here.