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Album Review: NVDES’ La NVDITE Vol 2 Is An EP of Dance Club Pop

Like their concert, NVDES’ La NVDITÉ, Vol. 2 EP shows the trio is stepping up in mass appeal. Each song of La NVDITÉ, Vol. 2 captures their desire to be “outside the box”, while making sure that it is gift wrapped in pop glory. They have, more than ever, bridged their natural vibrancy and eccentricity with radio jammers.

There is not much to say about La NVDITÉ, Vol. 2 because it is one bop after another. All you have to is let yourself be taken by every base, chord, and key into the magical world of Josh Ocean. Lead singer and songwriter, Ocean writes his music as if it is something to be seen rather than heard. From “Where Is Your Mind” to “This High”, I swear NVDES could soundtrack a Broad City episode (putting it out their UNIVERSE!). They have managed to capture the colorfulness and speed of Millennial life. Our generation lives for fun, optimism, strangeness, and quick dreams. La NVDITÉ, Vol. 2 encompasses all this by being a visual album through sound. “D.Y.T (Do Your Thing) feat. REMMI”, “Everyday”, and “Walls” pulse and punch noise as if they are ribbons of message meant for you to tie into your day. Thus, on December 8 Click Here to Listen And Buy La NVDITÉ Vol 2 EP By NVDES.