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Album Review: Paloma Faith Is The Architect of Fresh Music

Confession: I am a huge fan of Paloma Faith. She combines genuine vocal prowess with eccentricity and outlandish beauty. At times, the bridge between talent and creative genius is not always made. You have artists that have vocality, but need to be guided in terms of image, and will, probably, be cultural influencers but never leader. I say this because Paloma Faith is a leader, and The Architect is filled with artistic inspiration.

Paloma Faith – Guilty (Official Video)

The Architect rivets in making poignant, virtuous messages become pop anthems. Sure, pop music is for dancing and sing-alongs, but Paloma Faith’s goal is to transition that dynamic into spiritual elevation/ personal education. Tracks like, “Guilty” , “Surrender”, “Lost And Lonely”, and “WW3” are reflective of how every single, individual’s choice leads to mass effects. In essence, your life is not your own, and whether you are making familial choices or societal ones, Faith sings to awaken that you are making them like in, “Love Me As I Am” and “I’ll Be Gentle ft. John Legend”. Silence is a choice. Leaving is a choice. Loving is a choice. Uniting is a choice. Often, we presume taking ourselves out of an equation means we are no longer apart of the problem, but as seen through songs such as “Warrior” and “Till I’m Done” that makes you exactly the problem. With undercurrents of disco and funkadelia swimming through her songs as if rhythms can do butterfly strokes; you move your body as Faith sings to move your mind. Yet, with her voice, you are bound to feel like the EARTH moved. The woman can hit notes better than many current pop queens, but The Architect is about hitting spirits.

Paloma Faith – Crybaby (Official Video)

With choral arrangements that could raise the dead to feel life again and instrumentals that seem strategically composed to enliven, as well, The Architect truly is Paloma Faith’s most artful and purposeful music construction. She has built a record that takes pop’s “guilty pleasure” vibes and joyous ambiance and transferred it into a lyrically insightful album. Moreover, who else do you know has Samuel L Jackson introducing their record like we are about to enter the best action film for your ears. Click Here For More Information on Paloma Faith And To Buy The Architect. 

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