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Album Review: Party Nails Wants You To “Come Again” To Her World

Party Nails,  real name Elena Carroll,  has been hailed as part Cyndi Lauper, part Charli XCX, which is a pretty big deal. On one hand, you have a living legend, whose wide-ranged voice empowered girls to just want to have fun. On the other hand, you have a young woman producing some of the top hits of our generation and who knows how to balance experimental sound with radio-friendly music. The comparison is perfect after you hear Party Nails’ new EP Come Again, set to be released February 10. 

From the first track, “Come Again”, you feel the party vibe immediately. The song is so sugary and 80’s in essence that you will admire Party Nails unabashed love for the era. While many current artists who homage this dance age, usually, try to blend or “indiefy” its sweet sonics, Party Nails uses it to move listeners both physically and spiritually. The entire record is dedicated to love as a motivator of both a person’s carefree and careless nature. Between the bubblegum beats of “Blow Me Away” and “Better” you hear the bliss and obsession that love can birth in a person who wants to make her relationship a storybook romance, whether it wants to be  or not. Hearing this perspective, especially in “One By One”, is relatable for listeners who understand the surging desire to make your love perfect, especially when facing its imperfections. The charming, saccharine voice of Party Nails helps to capsulate this eagerness into pills of bouncing rhythms.


Love is dangerous/healing because it thrives on the openness of your being, which can lead to anxiety or personal struggle. Lyrically, Party Nails grazes this fact such as in “Outside Heaven”, but she makes sure to never go to deep into this truth. After all, her set goal is to make you feel alive, which is why the rhythms of this album will feel like an 80’s electronica prom being held on the beach. If that sounds like your nightmare then you need prayer because, on record, it sounds like a rainbow of dreams. The album’s production is colorful which matches vitally with Party Nails’ voice that is, again, part Cyndi Lauper/ part Charli XCX. These women’s voices had an innate innocence to them that always made their vocals come off like naivety transitioning into wisdom. When Party Nails sings she sounds like she is discovering life for the first time, which makes her voice come off both sweet and fresh like fruit. It is as if each note she hits is the first, ripe day in a juicy apple’s life. Her voice is, literally, edible which explains why she would not want to go to deep, in terms, of words. You want to hear and sing along with her, which is why Come Again is a new wave of radio-friendly music by bringing the 80’s back into your car.

Come Again is 5 tracks of rich nostalgia meshed with party anthems. If you do not want to do a high-kick when you hear “Blow Me Away’s” bassline then, again, you need prayer. Party Nails is an artist that, definitely, aims for fun, and shows enough nuance to reveal that having a good time does not mean forgetting the bad ones. It just means that the same amount of mental dedication you give to your worries should be given to your joys. If all you want is for your love to be happy then enjoy when its good because the bad will “come again” later. For More Information On Party Nails and To Buy Come Again on February 10 Click Here.