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Album Review: Qty Show The Quality of Guitars And Grace

Qty, lead by Dan Lardner and Alex Niemetz, is guitar music at its finest. The two met when they were 17 and struck up an instant friendship, bonding over Bowie and Bolan, Roxy and Reed. Their new, self-titled album can be considered a reflection upon both their friendship and their many influences as the two peruse through tracks like a catalogue of memories.

For Me, QTY sound like a duet between The Moldy Peaches and Kimye Dawson. There is something folkloric about their sound, despite, their music being all about the everydayness of life. To make the most uninteresting a fascinating tale of life is no easy feat, which is why Dan and Alex bounce from each other; captivating listeners with the casual hum that is their vocals. From “Cold Nights” to “New Beginnings” has baritone the seems to straighten emotions like one would their posture, while Alex is the subtle grace that comes from said straightening; as he molds the lyrical body, she takes the vocal figure, which makes them an entrancing duo. Moreover, “Word For This”, “Michael”, and “Sad Poetic” are just a few of the titles that embolden their capacity to turn a guitar into a landscape.

From “Rodeo” to “Salvation” QTY offer music that makes you stroll to the beauty of being boring. Yes, I know that in life we are addicted to “excitement”, of which I am a PROUD guilty party. Yet, there is something beautiful and euphoric to the everyday routines of life. You don’t know the value of thesame paths you have walked for days or even years because they will end, but, until then, Qty serve indie-folk that reveals the quality of such walks. For More Information On QTY Click Here.