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Album Review: The Nursery Show Human Vanity In Life After Wartime

The Nursery’s Life After Wartime is a rock n’ roll declaration that humanity is superficial. While they prefer to call their music Freak Pop, which is a befitting title as well, amidst gut-busting drums and rolling guitars, is a sheer rocking message that humanity is stupidly vain.  Now, here on Diandra Reviews It All, I aim to find the best of humanity through music, but, sometimes, to find the “the gold” you have to dig through dirt. Life After Wartime is The Nursery’s blazing dig into human beings’ vapid dirt.

“Everybody’s Famous (Except Me)”, “Hexes + Oh’s”, and “Friend Without A Name” are just a few of the tracks that etch The Nursery’s lyrical disappointment with our current times. Humanity’s arrogance or inability to love itself over self-pitying is not a new complaint. Yet, leave it to The Nursery to try to revive old wounds with a fresh bandage of rebellious pop sounds. From “Mysteries” to “Crystal Beach”, you feel like you have skipped school, and raced away to drink beers on the beach with lead singer Alex Pulec. There is something innocently mischievous as he brazens his voice to capture the grated nature of anger, but also keep its sweet enough to not be grating. After all, for however disappointed we may feel in human viciousness, we are still apart of this crazy species. Thus, The Nursery use their instrumentals and verses to confront this spiritual dilemma; you are not absolved from preventing humanity’s self-destruct just because you are not stirring it. For The Nursery, Life After Wartime is like a giant message-board proclaiming that, no matter what, seeing what is wrong with human beings and not speaking up, makes you complacent to said wrongness. In this case, Life After Wartime has The Nursery calling out excessiveness and image-obsession as a cover-up to people’s fears and inability to deal with feelings and genuine relationships. Personally I am all for calling out vanity, and on July 7, you can be too by buying The Nursery’s Life After Wartime Click Here.