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Albums of The Year: Miguel’s War & Leisure Makes Me Peaceful & Hyped

Miguel’s War & Leisure is TOO GOOD! My block has been blasting “Come Through And Chill” like it was a call to arms; a public announcement for every stressed Millennial to calm down and relax. The vibes on this album will captivate every single person feeling to get more love, get spiritually higher, and get better.
Miguel – Sky Walker (Official Video) ft. Travis Scott

It has been a few years since Miguel has come through with an album, but I prefer the wait if it means he will offer a record as fun and meticulous as War & Leisure. There are certain records that completely embody the lightness and wildness of a generation. Every rising era of youth has there moments of leisure that become cultural staples for the time, while also having their anxieties that oddly connect them to the eternity of time. We may define fun differently from our parent, but, not oddly enough, we share the same of stress stress as them: money, work, and love life. Thus, Miguel’s voice feels like coffee; it wakes you up to go about your business, but with its cream and sugar makes said business more bearable. Tracks like “Sky-Walker”, “Caramelo Duro (feat. Kali Uchis)”, and “Harem” turn lust and partying into “chill dramas”; they sonically sound like “Hip- Hoperas” make you want to listen as if your ears could watch. Every baseline and keys seems placed with the intent of making your mind explode with vision while making your body lay with vice. “Banana Clip”, “Criminal (feat. Rick Ross)”, and “Wolf (feat. Quin)” are paced and vocally annotated as if every beat-drop was an article of clothing falling to the floor.
Miguel – Told You So (Official Video)

War & Leisure is not only Miguel’s new music; it is some of his best, especially vocally. Miguel sings his notes as if he had something to prove, but, obviously, his lyrics are aim fro those that are done proving. From “Skywalker” to “Now” or “Pineapple Skies”, he rolls and scales his vocal register with a playfulness that transforms every hook into memory, every lyric into a catchphrase, and every melody into a spiritual jumprope for you to leap. Overall, War & Leisure is a complete pleasure, and one of the best albums of 2017. For More Information On Miguel Click Here
Miguel – Now (Official Video)