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Album Review: Sinkane Shows “Life & Livin It” Is A Must

If you ask Sinkane the genre of his music, you would probably get “Feel Good”. His newest record Life & Livin It is a like a tropical-funk party. It blends Caribbean rhythms like, latin infusions and reggae, with classic funk from the 70’s/80’s era. The result is an album that, sonically, motivates you to live life on the dance-floor, but, lyrically, pushes you to live life for yourself.

The Sudanese singer seems dedicated to forwarding a sense fulfillment to both himself and listeners through music. In Life & Livin It each song feels like a call for celebration or, at least, a push to look for the aspects of your life worth exalting. To Sinkane, there is always a reason to be happy and smile. Such positivity explains why he claims his music genre is “feel good”, and Life & Livin It is not to be played amongst the hardened of heart or bitter. While most music aims for the moodiness of living, Sinkane is simply about the joy, which is why I claim he is not a singer for those who want to be closed to life. His tropic rhythms are too festive to feel down, which is why you listen to his wisdom. Tracks like, “Favorite Song” and “Passenger” reveal that life is something to be absorbed like the sun both morally and musically. Yet, despite his bright spirit, he is not a singer that denies life is for the strong.

Throughout Life & Livin It you hear the tales and lyrical prompting of a singer that sees resilience as the key to gratefulness. You have to be perseverant to remain thankful: a fact he vocally drips upon the subtle rock-waves and soulful melodies of songs like, “Won’t Follow”, “Fire”, and “Telephone”. With afro-beats that gracefully bounce in songs like “Deadweight” and “The Way”, you understand that there is fire in Sinkane’s spirit and vocals. He has a higher-ranged voice that falls upon his arrangements like a light strawberry frosting. I say light because the fruit of his vocals comes in their ability to reach higher tones and pitches that further his musical initiative for a greater sense of being. That sensibility is like sweet juice to your ears and heart because we all need music that reminds, for however hard, life can be good. Thus, Life & Livin It is an album that meshes classic soul and funk sounds to come off like a 70’s film, and draws them to a timeless, sunny beach where every generation can go to feel alive. For More Information on Sinkane And To Buy Life & Livin It on February 10 Click Here.