Album Review: Mylko’s “Contrast” Shows Friends Come And Go But Music Remains

This pair of high school friends began their careers as drummers but eventually turned their attention into music production. The electric array of bouncing beats they went on to make for independent artists moved Jose Pablo Ibarra (“Jopa”) and Patricio Dávila Sanchez (“Pato”) to form Mylko as their own distinct path into the world they helped so many others enter through their production. After

three years, on September 30 they bring you their debut album Contrast.

Mylko’s Contrast is literally a funhouse of sound. Each track feels like Pato and Jopa grabbed a handful of nightlife and placed it into a jar of music. That jar opened and released 8 tracks that encompass the energy of dancing youth. There is no denying the breath of life this debut gives to anyone whom needs a musical upper before they go out. Contrast is blatantly for those that wish to paint a sonic soundscape in their mind before they do so for their night. It is no surprise this band aims for a frenetic energy that burgeons through the juicy polyrhythms of “the club”. After all their influences are, Cornelius, Bibio, Flying Lotus and The Chemical Brothers whose style is known to ignite the “pre-gamer’ in all of us.

We all have pre-gamed. It is when you and your friends gather around do some beer pong, laugh, and get pumped for the night ahead. Contrast is an “artful” pre-game as its playful frequencies are refreshingly composed to give you a cool, undeniable adrenaline kick. All 8 tracks come together to make you feel like music has busted through the door of your mind like a gust of wind. Mylko’s masterful production will make you drop the beer pong and say, ‘Dang, that’s good!”. Yet, the amount of details each song contains is due respect beyond the dancing it will ignite. These men garner admiration and rhythmic gyration,as they based their album on the vibrancy of their  current base, Mexico City, and  the ups and down of friendships as you grow up.

Despite its avid aim to make you have a good time, there is a deeper undercurrent to Contrast’s motivation. The long-time friends took music to be their cathartic venue for their personal transitions from adolescent to adult, and the relationships that blossomed and faded with that transition. Millennials will flock to the artful interpretation this duo gives of this very universal issue: the friends that come and go as you grow. Becoming “an adult” is not easy, yet it can feel more of a challenge as friendships, that you once lived for, nor longer seem relevant to your life. It is always amazing to see the roster of people that come to define you, the most important being the different groups of friends you choose. Yet, the musical magnificence of Contrast is that these masters of music production put all that emotional weight of youthful reality into a bumping bassline. For More Information On Mylko Click Here.