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Album Review: Tigertown Let Out Their Inner “Warriors”

I have reviewed Tigertown before, and I LOVE their sound and energy. Their newest EP, Warriors, puts their lively presence into a 4-track, music capsule. There is not too much to Warriors beyond the fact that it makes you feel like much. You want to dance, sing, and give in to feeling good! About time!
Tigertown – Warriors (Official Video)

Now I can give you a heartfelt, psycho-analysis on the “depth” of “Mysterious (ft. LPX)” as a look into how love confounds us as it conquers us, or I can give an insightful, lyrical perspective on how “Warriors’ speaks to our inner fight…. but why? These songs are blatant in their up-beat messages and up-tempo melodies, which makes them well-received instantly. What I want to celebrate is how this brisk EP enjoys pop music for the positivity it can give. You just want to run through a beach, and play jump-rope with your childhood friends as their electro-rhythms course through their ultimate message; GET BACK UP!  “Come My Way”, literally, confronts depression with Charlie becoming your vocalized cheerleader.
Tigertown – Come My Way [Official Audio]

Charlie can hit a note as if it was a scoop of cotton candy swirling in her mouth; she can taste it for its pop sweetness. Thanks to Tigertown’s exhilarating and enlivening instrumentals, she feels like a happy, life coach; teaching you that happiness is attainable if you fight, like a warrior, for it. To Buy Tigertown’s Warriors on November 17 Click Here.