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Album Review: The Limiñanas’ Istanbul Is Sleepy Will Wake You Up

The Limiñanas’ Istanbul Is Sleepy is “like the classic dream where you become the hero, the Captain Blood or Midnight Sultan. The one who rescues and seduces Maureen O’Hara or Ava Gardner.” At least, that is how Anton Newcombe of Brian Jonestown Massacre presented it after being featured in the title track. Frankly, I could not have put it better.

Istanbul Is Sleepy is psychedelia at its most decadent. You want to bite into the noised fragments that is “Shadow People” and “Angels And Devils” as if they were rich chocolates filled with cherry cream. The Limiñanas have packaged into their music the high sophistication of French electronica, and pushed it to new levels of dark fantasy, which listeners will guzzle up. Admit it! We all, at times, want to reach into our wild side because, in this world, a person who is free in owning their greatness is often seen as a rebel against others’. My readers know I support self-discovery and reanalyzing how you see the best and worst of yourself. “Nuit Fantome” shimmers and shackles in rhythms that come at you like glittered chains. The Limiñanas know how to arrange synths, analogs, and pure, digitized rhythms into a chaos of color and confetti. You feel surrounded by a madness that tastes delicious to your ears that have no idea whether to tell your brain to dance or be still as The Limiñanas wrap you in their sound. Frankly, Istanbul Is Sleepy WILL MAKE YOU WAKE UP. For More Information The Limiñanas’ Istanbul Is Sleepy Click Here.