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Album Review: Fabrizio Cammarata’s Brings Light In “of Shadows”

Fabrizio Cammarata’s Of Shadows is a tender, visual soundscape into the travels and triumphs of a growing artist. The Mediterranean singer wrote Of Shadows as he traveled internationally to rediscover performing arts as an entity that reflects and elevates humanity. A song can reveal to you a world, and, in doing so, make you an active participant in how it turns. Thus, in Of Shadows, is the singing tales of someone deciding how his world should turn in beauty.

Every singly melody in Of Shadows seems to be written in delicacy. If someone told me that Fabrizio used the petals of a dandelion to write and arrange songs such as, “What Did I Say?”, “You’ve Been On Mind”, and “Hold Me Now, Still Night”, I would say, “Yes,I believe that!”. He treats music like it is made of glass, and his vocals are the gentle hands carrying it to the pedestal where it should stand. He is naturally intimate in how he notes and annotates lyrics like in, “Mi Vida” and “You’ve Been On My Mind”. That level of intimacy brings out not only the romance of his words but also his personal enlightenment. It seems that Fabrizio’s search for art helped him see it all stems from humanity, which is why his music flows into you like light being absorbed by your being. You simply brighten as he takes his guitar, and sings his thoughts on how he can better show his heart to the loves of his life such as, “In The Cold” and “Come And Leave A Rose”. Thus, in some ways, his journey is 100% universal in that it is individual.

Fabrizio Cammarata’s Of Shadows comes to light on November 17, and it is, at the very least, a worthy listen. It feels as crisp, calm, and lovely as walk through nature, which is exactly what he did. At times, you have to look around to see within. Click Here For More Information.