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Album Review: Shamir’s Revelations Brings The Eccentric To Electro

Revelations come in many forms. Sometimes, tragedy leads to epiphany, and, other times, joy leads to foresight. Either way, there is a grandness to revelations that is focused more on what you gain from what you witness then you receive it. Shamir’s Revelations swindles rhythms to land on fresh ideas.

Is it bad to be a cliche? What is a misfit? How is it wrong to be emotional? These questions drizzle in Shamir’s Revelations like coloring in cake batter. While Shamir proudly proclaims he has minimized production of Revelations compared to his hit record, Ratchet, there is nothing minimal to this sound. Instead, Shamir appears lighter, but there is still a complexity to his sound that makes him appear like a neon apocalypse. Vibrant green, yellow, and purple clouds part in the sky to shine rainy rhythms upon songs, “90’s Kids”, “Astral Plane”, and “Her Story”. While people marvel at Shamir for being different, it is not anything new. Instead, what I marvel in Shamir is the ownership of his being, and his sincere desire to explore the silliness and seriousness of his humanity. From “Games” to “Blooming”, the childlike/ childish nature to Shamir’s voice that makes him appear like a mischievous kid debating trick or treat. The duality makes turns him as bold and as fleeting as the soft-synths that back him in songs, “You Have A Song” and “Straight Boy”.

Revelations fuzzles, buzzles, and guzzles in sound to the point where I feel I can invent Dr. Seuss/ Andy Kaufman levels of terminology, like the latter, to describe it. Yet, like any revelation, Shamir goes beyond confines to find his personal truth while revealing probable grow as seen in tracks, “Cloudy” and “Float”. For however noised his instrumentals may seem, thanks to His vocals and intricate arrangements, they bubble like a morning fog over a bright sun. Thus, Shamir’s Revelations captures the word/action for the life it can bring and the meaning it can forward. For More Information On Shamir And To Buy Revelation On November 3 Click Here.