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TV Review: Hulu Brings One of The Best Marvel Adaptations In Runaways

Synopsis: Every teenager thinks their parents are evil. What if you found out they actually were? Marvel’s Runaways is the story of six diverse teenagers who can barely stand each other but who must unite against a common foe – their parents.

From the directors/ producers of teen classic, The OC, Josh Swartz and Stephanie Savage Marvel adaptation, Runaways, has left me beyond impressed. This comic-book has quite the cult following even if it is not one of Marvel’s most notable, superhero leagues. Yet, it might be because they are the “unknowns” of the known that Hulu has brought us one of the best comic book adaptations. While Marvel has had a hard time transitioning its epic, film universe to television, Hulu has stepped in to say, “Hold my beer!”, of which Runaways’ success can be dwindled to these few elements.

Magic, Aliens, And Dinosaurs… Yes, Please!:

You cannot go wrong with a little bit of everything. From superpowers to a nice, baby T-rex as a pet, Marvel’s Runaways is filled with so many randomly, intriguing things, you cannot help being entertained. A creepy, withering alien in an all-white room? Sure! A murder-mystery involving disappearing 17 year-olds? Okay! A cult of highly successful, adult influencers who meet during “charity events” to make a sacrifice? Why NOT! The show is so casually daring and outlandish that it, oddly, feels true.


Maybe, I have watched too much Leah Remini, but cults are in. (I never thought I would say that statement.) Yet, from AHS: Cult to Supergirl’s latest episode, “The Faithful”, the reasons people follows “certain” leader, and give their willingness to horrible acts, is a post-2016 obsession. Now more than ever, people are re-analyzing their relationships with authority, which plays into Runaways’ dynamics both parentally, (the the teenagers questioning their parents morality), and religiously, (with their parents questioning their own). Angel Parker as Catherine Wilder, Ryan Sands as Geoffrey Wilder, James Yaegashi as Robert Minoru, and Annie Wersching as Leslie Dean are just a few of the parents/ super-villains questioning the “goodness” of their murderous actions, but still remain full-steam ahead in committing them. Watching their remorse play into their diabolical natures is fascinating, especially when James Marsters as Victor Stein and Brittany Ishibashi as Tina Minoru hit the screen to serve The Church of Gibborim. These Gibbs/ members of The Pride are deliciously cold and stoic in their moves to “please”.

Teen Angst:

If there is one thing that never gets old, it is teen angst. Yet, finding out your parents are literal bad-guys, 100% ups every reason for your hormonal outbursts, which is why you enjoy the rather level-headedness of “The Runaways”. These kids may have their moments of self-pity, as every person does, but they are smart, kind, focused, funny, and incredibly vulnerable. Hence, you understand their eagerness to disprove a growing truth; their parents are evil. Moreover, each actor genuinely feels like their character.

Gregg Sulkin as Chase Stein: Sulkin completely captures the charm and subtle nobility of Chase. He is a character that, for all his bravado, has a soft spot for doing the right thing, protecting the ones he loves, and being a sarcastic loner. Yet, Sulkin makes Chase as lovable as he is in the comics.

Lyrica Okano as Nico Minoru: Okano has the bitterness of Nico that makes fans cheer. This character is dry, smart, and resilient, which is why you love her. Of course, as the season progresses, her scowling face turns into a semi-scowl for the sweet Alex Wilder.

Rhenzy Feliz as Alex Wilder: I read The Runaways comics, which is why I proceed with caution when loving Alex. Yet, Feliz is so sweet and has this “lost puppy” vibe to him that makes you encourage his plight to reunite his old group of friends. Feliz plays him with a quiet pain and a sincere hope that friendship will really lift us up to where we belong.

Allegra Acosta as Molly Hernandez: Acosta as Molly is intelligent and adorable. The show does excellent in showing that Molly is going to grow-up to be a really cute badass. She may be the youngest, but as the series progresses, you will see she is the literal strongest.

Virginia Gardener as Karolina Dean: Like Feliz, Gardener plays Karolina with a sweet lostness that will, definitely, come to play into the character’s future search for self-identity. If you are a fan of Karolina and her future plot-lines, Gardener shows that, yes, she is the right narrator for this tale.

Ariela Barer as Gert Yorkes: Gert is my favorite character from the comic-book series. She is quick-witted, loving, bright as hell, and NOT someone to mess with! Barer captures all those qualities and then some. She makes Gert the riotous nerd we know, adore, and wish would protect us!

It is hard to not say Hulu did perfection with Marvel’s Runaways. It is a full-sensory experiences in that it has elements of humor, drama, sci-fi, magical realism, young adult issues, and murder mystery. It was as if someone put every single tv interest into one show, and decided to film it with perfect visual effects and under the sunny, neon hues of California. Moreover, the music is so now. There were moments when I wanted to immediately google the songs they were playing, and add them to “My Jam” playlist. Even the opening sequence plays and sounds like a teenage, electro- skater nightmare, which can encompass the show’s idea. After all, the Runaways are just a few Cali kids running from their wicked parents; a common feeling amongst many teenager in general. Marvel’s Runaways Premieres November 21 on HULU, and it is a MUST WATCH!