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Album Review: Cults Make An Offering of Light In Their New Album

The Cults have been one of my favorite bands…. since ever. Their mesh of 60’s pop with enough electro-wave to revive a cemetery could leave anyone dancing for days. Moreover, their ability to sugarcoat lyrics of embittered sentiments, and transform them into catchy hooks should be lauded by pop praisers. Thus, my excitement was clear for their new album Offering, but my surprise came in how the record seems more ethereal and even 80’s.
Cults – I Took Your Picture With My Eyes Closed

Offering measures up to its name and even album cover. It is about giving to elevating light, and the feeling within yourself. While previous records were about joy and having fun. Offering shows the Cults have matured and want something bigger than fleeting; they want a bliss that is universal. One that feels like a foundation within them, and not a launchpad from which they jump and crash. Hence, as instrumentals warped and waved to sound like you are on a charter flight through Heaven, tracks like “Good Religion”, “Natural State”, “Clear From Far Away”, and “Recovery” are about the search to sift through the muck of bad decisions or confused thoughts to find a inner stability. Theme highlights the natural sweetness and almost naivety of Madline Follin’s voice. She transform wise lyrics into fresh ones by singing songs as if they were discovered the minute they were sang. Of course, when you hear the construction of tracks like “Offering” and “Gilded Lily”, you know more went into making this music than ever before, of which the Cults claim Offering is their most collaborative effort. Follin and Brian Oblivion traded ideas, arrangements, and confidence in making this record, which is why I find its celestial sound so intriguing. Who know the more they got together, the more Heaven they would produce.

Offering is literally a dream. “With My Eyes Closed” and “Nothing Is Written” are romantic, synth-fantasies telling you to hope for now is equal to hoping for forever. Both are interconnected, and the Cults celebrate that with a beautiful Offering of music. To Buy Offering On October 6 Click Here.