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Album Review: Me Not You Prepare For A “Reckoning”

Me Not You feel like dark pop for the era. Their debut EP, Reckoning 1, feels like a black stick of gum you chew for its cherry flavor and bitter after taste. Such an idea makes sense considering that no reckoning is altogether beautiful. To have a reckoning means an injustice was done. and a justice must be served. For that clash between light and dark, Me Not You give soaringly sweet soundtrack. 

In six songs, Me Not You feel like a group of reckoners have taken to the streets to fight against menaces through melodies. Tracks like, “Kill The Noise” and “Bulletproof” bubble and thump as if synths and keys were the meeting between sky and earth. Again, it is all about opposing images for Me Not You. Nikki’s vocals are succulently sweet as she describes images of a fallen nature like a neon city burning so brightly it burns itself out. Her voice coddles and cuddles your ears with nostalgia; as if you have been missing her nurturing voice in your life even though it might be your first encounter with it. The result is songs like “Relief” and “These Streets” feeling like grunge-pop anthems for all those who wish to withdraw from emotional poisons. From the lovers that reject us to the society that oppresses us, we all have someone, no matter what size, holding us down, and Me Not You sing to giving them a rightful reckoning. Whether they are hammering or twinkling chords, the point is they are serving music adrenaline. Fore More Information on Me Not You And To Buy Reckoning 1 EP Click Here.