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Album Review: GIGI ROWE Invites your to Stardust Motel

Gigi Rowe’s Stardust Motel is an entrance into what seems to be Sailor Moon’s home. It glitters and glams with a feminine mystique that can both braid over you with synth-tying rhythms or let you loose on the dancefloor. Either way, Stardust Motel is a simple four track EP asking you to remember: pop music is more than just sweet…. Its dreamy.

Each song plays into each other like a literal entrance and exit from this cosmic space, i.e. Stardust Motel. “Bright Lights Baby” definitely has a “gaga-esque” quality, and plays like an entranced, disco ballad where Gigi literally “oOOoo’s” in lust for her potential lover. Then, “Got That” plays like a tropical dance-fest of rhythmic flares and flaps coursing through Gigi’s continued declaration that, again, she WANTS her love. By the third track, “Eyes Off You” her beats roll like a skating rink swirling in freeing and youthful synths, and furthering that Gigi Rowe understands fun and desire are positives. It is okay, if not fantastic, that you want someone to laugh, love, and be wild. Hence, by the time we get to “Saturday Night” we have entered a full on vogue session with Rowe, again, using her lavish vocals to lather her simple verses and choruses with gold. Thus, proving that passion for someone else is not wrong. On the contrary, it should be celebrated when it is as enlivening and generous as Gigi Rowe’s glistening Stardust Motel, which you can buy here.