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Album Review: VÉRITÉ Shows Synth-Pop Love “Somewhere In Between”

After reviewing Mack Wilds’ concert, I had “situationships” on my mind as a term and emotional predicament. Why certain loves cannot grow into full relationships, despite seeds of passion and connection, might be one greatest themes to music. Hence,VÉRITÉ’s debut album, Somewhere In Between, to further a true and feminine perspective on love that is in limbo. Yet, this limbo is not necessarily because of situations as much as the spiritual turmoil that comes from realizing lovers cannot be controlled, but you still must control yourself.

Somewhere In Between is an electrically, bustling analysis to how love reveals our emotional imbalances, especially when it comes to empowering and taking charge of ourselves.“Control”, “Nothing”, “Phase Me Out”, and “Death of Me” observe the invisibility we can feel when our love has either moved on or manipulated us to move away from our “authentic self”. In my Katy Perry review, I spoke on how Witness was her electro attempt to find the most genuine version of herself, which, in essence, would also be the best. Yet, this solo journey is not as easy when being shared with a partner, and VÉRITÉ whose name means truth in French, one- ups the stakes of finding authenticity by also using radio, electro-pop as a “truth teller.” If you are not a strong person with a self-foundation of confidence, a relationship can “eat: you alive. The whole point of love is to be vulnerable: in cause and effect. “Freedom of Falling”, “Saint”, and “Solutions” have VÉRITÉ seeking a sense of personal balance in how she reaches for herself so that she can better both how and who she reaches for so that she does not end up feeling freer when her lover is gone (“When You’re Gone”). As crazy as it is, sometimes, we stay in relationships because they are “something to do” rather than grow from, but throughout the album, from “Somewhere In Between” to “Bout You”, it seems the young songstress shows, even the “wrong one”, can reveal your strengths and weaknesses to you.

I know I have focused heavily on the lyrical themes/ wisdom of the album because it is what helps it stand out from it “mainstream” sound. Again, mainstream music is ALWAYS WELCOME, i.e. Katy Perry, and for a debut, it is excellent to feel like an artist could easily enter a wider, famed arena. VÉRITÉ has hints of dark electronica that splash and thrash sporadically on the album, but, for the most part, she sticks to neon-hued synths that zip through listeners as if there were a line between her songs and their ears. Her voice only eases the connection by having a frosted assuredness to it. She, mutually, sounds keen and philosophical while she sings lyrics that are all about rising and drowning in love’s waves. Thus, I recommend VÉRITÉ’s album for a series danceable tracks and a singing partner whom understands love does not only break a heart, but breaks a person, as well.For More Information On VÉRITÉ And To Buy Somewhere In Between On June 23 Click Here.