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Album Review: The Wombats Sing To How Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life

Okay, I am a little biased when it comes to The Wombats’ newest album, Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life (BPWRYL) . I already heard how it can play live, and it is exceptionally fun. The Liverpool trio is known for their animation and wit, of which their new record is a shameless, sonic hug to their most notable qualities.

When you go to The Wombats’ concert, you are, immediately, impressed by their ability to produce euphoria. They make you feel like life is an eternal positive, which is a huge stretch when you think that most of their concerts are attended by people coming from work. Nobody feels like life is a “giant positive” after an 8 hour shift. I mention their concert capacity because, though BPWRYL is upbeat in tempo and tone, it is a record that shows how desperate relationships leave us.
The Wombats – Turn

You have to kiss a bunch a frogs before you find your prince/princess, but you cannot help getting a few warts on the way. Sure, that sounds disgusting, (LOL!), but the point is that trying to find a good relationship can leave you feeling really bad. Don’t be fooled by tracks such as, “Lemon To A Knife Fight”, “Cheetah Tongue”, “Lethal Combination”, and “Out Of My Head”. Sure they may sonically sound as if their melodies jump-roped their way through a friendly game of rhythm, and then had a happy synth-snack of juiced baselines and sweet, kettle chords. YET!, their lyrics hone in on how toxic you can become when you try to be perfect for someone else.
The Wombats – Cheetah Tongue (Official video)

Sometimes, we get confused between discovering whether we have found “the one” in our partner or trying to become their “the one”. Instead of seeing whether we are right for them, which is emotionally harder, we try to look right for them, which is emotionally numbing. Thus, you admire The Wombats’ capacity to show relationships’ spectrum of harsh realties through music that is surreally joyful. Murph’s voice splashes across tracks, “Black Flamingo” and “Ice Cream”, like confetti; oddly celebrating things you do not want to rejoice. Yet, he is vocally enrapturing with his capacity to smooth our pathed sentiments and situations, and make them feel walkable for once. Leave it to The Wombats to make being human feel exciting rather than bearable. For More Information On The Wombats And To Buy Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life Click Here.
The Wombats – Lemon to a Knife Fight (Official video)

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