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Album Review: P!nk’s “Beautiful Trauma” Is A Pop Call To Be Strong

Nobody can deny we have all been through “beautiful traumas”, or rather situations that were so ugly, but somehow we arose stronger and more virtuous. When life cuts you, there are only two options: stay hurt or sew yourself back up again. P!nk is of the latter, and her newest album Beautiful Trauma is dedicated to those who get back up every-time they are knocked down.
P!nk – What About Us (Official Video)

First, let me clarify that P!nk is one of the best vocalists in the business. Her voice bubbles with vulnerability and range, which is why Beautiful Trauma feels like a tragic celebration. Anyone who tells you being strong feels great does not know what they are talking about? Strength is one of the roughest feelings you will ever have because it pushed you away from your rightful self-pity or from the genuine sadness of a bad situation, and moves you to get light again. Hence, P!nk’s voice and image feels perfect for tracks like, “What About Us”, “You Get My Love”, and “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken” that go from pop anthems to ballads homaging all the times you will need to be strong, even if you do not want to be. Why? Because no one ever wants to be strong, you just have to be! Thus, P!nk gives some of the best tracks of her career by blending her classic R&B/ Pop sounds with a more altruistic, wiser edge. Still, that does not mean we are not going to get some badass, P!nk “will see you now!” vibes.
P!nk – Whatever You Want (Lyric Video)

“Better Life”, “I Am Here”, and “Revenge (feat. Eminem)” exhilarate the idea of making your presence known. Of course, Revenge has a darker idea and another epic Eminem verse, but the point of these tracks are to counter those that would rather you disappear than shine. Such songs, including “Barbies, “Beautiful Trauma”, and “For Now”, range from synth-stadium tracks to piano symphonies made to open your heart to yourself. If there is one thing P!nk’s long, bountiful career, and life, has shown, its that the more you are open to your possibilities the more you are open to others. They are interconnected on your road to being strong, and overcoming beautiful traumas. For More Information P!nk and To Buy Beautiful Trauma on October 13 Click Here.
P!nk – Beautiful Trauma (Audio)