Album Review: Stars’ “There Is No Love In Fluorescent Light” Shows There Is Still Light!

Stars’ There Is No Love In Fluorescent Light (TISNLIFL) might be the realest statement I have heard lol! When speaking on love we can tussle between the euphoria of it all or the bitterness of it. Either way, balance in perspective and proposal of love is not easy to acquire, but even so it is worth the try, of which Stars certainly understand.

There is something beautiful to struggling for love. In a way, the desire for love, and to be better for and by it is proof that you are a good human being. Stars see that as a sign, as well, which is why TISNLIFL as bright as the streets of LA, but as warm and breezy as a summer field. In essence, they are California- folk music; sonically matching this state’s freer, progressive idead with its picturesque landscapes/ Whether the lighted chaos of a city or the quiet wonder of a nature hike, love courses both atmospheres, and so do Stars in their arrangements. Tracks like, “Privilege”, “Hope Avenue”, “The Gift of Love”, and “California, I Love That Name” are like sweet melodramas; emotionally ranging through romantic strings and lyrics to show Love is at play in your life. Stars completely capture that even the loss of love proves is presence, which is oddly gorgeous because, at least, you know it was there, as seen in tracks “Wanderers”, “Losing To You”, and “We Called It Love”. Hence, vocally, you can imagine Stars’ aim to be delicate and kind when approaching this virtue for both its daggers and daisies.

Both Torquil Campbell and Amy Millan share cradling vocals that swaddle your ears like a sleeping baby. They are so gentle and sprightly in their voices that when they harmonize, they double the worth of their heartfelt croons. You are listening to young adult lullabies for the love-lorn, which is why There is No Love In Fluorescent Light is delectable magic. Each track is a pastry with a love-potion for filling. From “Alone” to “On The Hills” Stars prove love is a dream that may not be a “Fluorescent Light”, but it is still enlightening. For More Information On Stars And To Buy Stars’ There Is No Love In Fluorescent Light On October 13 Click Here.