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Concert Review: Sun Seeker Give Psychedelic Hope At Union Pool

If The Beach Boys every decided to make a psychedelic, country-folk band, Sun-Seeker would be their ultimate goal. Of course, this is a “coulda, woulda, shoulda” situation, but Sun- Seeker feel like a sonic manifestation of a dream you did not know you should have. Under the Victorian frame of Union Pool’s stage, Sun-Seeker became another, bright notch in the belt of rising bands hoping to counter hopelessness with a song.

When you think of their name, Sun-Seeker, you might think you are going to see a bunch of shamans playing guitars and doing rituals to the sun for harvest and happiness. (Maybe, that was just my thought lol!) Yet, Sun-Seeker is not as much a spiritual presentation as a spiritual plight. For looking like regular guys with a few inside jokes and a full head of music fantasies, Sun Seeker knows how to get sad and make a track to plea for better, “With Nothing (But Our Last Words)”. Their music is soft-psychedelia; not meant to take you on a wild trip as much as an inward one. If there is such a thing as noise rock, Sun-Seeker is nostalgia rock; made to put you in a state of longing for better days with every guitar pluck and key pressed. Lead Singer Alex Benick is the driver of this nostalgic vibe through a voice that turns Sun Seeker’s lyrics into melancholic wisdom. Benick’s voice has an off-handed intelligence. In essence, he sings his verses adventitiously; as if they were intellectually born in the most unusual way, which makes sense. How many times did a random situation spark a smarter version of you?!

Singing tracks from their newest EP, Biddeford, tracks like “Churchill”, “Won’t Keep Me Up At Night”, and “Sunny Day Girls” felt like they were written in a quiet night sonically set between the streets of Nashville 2017 and 1960’s Britain. They combine classic with modern to give you something that is timeless: lost youth. Nearly, every song felt like a heart’s echograph; meant to capture the deeper beats of feeling lustful, lost, and lame in your own life. That may sound harsh, but I do not know one person, especially young, who does not carry those sentiments one in awhile, which is why Sun Seeker is an odd band you should see. To go to their show is to openly well in the feeling of hopelessness, but also release it through music that mellowly acknowledges it. For More Information on Sun-Seeker Click Here.