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Concert Review: Maybird Brings Moods At Union Pool

You ever feel like you into “something”. Whether or not a situation was brewing, the atmosphere had a certain that “something” was or will go down. Maybird’s performance at Union Pool felt exactly like that. Seeing a pack of guys with logic-boards on the floors, a a drove of instruments, and an insular focus made them seem oddly and intriguingly bare like, watching a motion-capture film behind a glass window.
Maybird – Keep in Line (Audio)

Again, I marvel at Union Pool’s mini- Victorian stage. It makes any act, even the punkish rock of Maybird, have a classic theatrical feel. That heightened sense made me pick up the mutual investment and distance Maybird has with the crowd. When they played songs like “Grace” and “Keep In Line” from their upcoming Unraveling EP, they might as well have said,”Hold On, Mama is cooking!”. When they are in their song, they are 100% behind the glass window, and all you can do is watch in awe. Each keels over and clutches their instruments like one would a bag carrying a million dollars; it is not the bag that is the treasure but what is in it, i.e. it is not the guitar or drum that is important but the sounds they carry. The more nuanced relationship makes them fun to watch, particularly, because they are, truly, a group of regular guys with a electro- psychedelic style and aesthetic that makes you feel like you can roll into their sonic driveway and hear see them jam everyday. Moreover, having psychedelic influences, there is a moodiness to their instrumentals and the voice of Josh Netsky.
Maybird – Grace (Audio)

Part of that “glass window” vibe derives from the persona Josh Netsky. For Josh, music and lyrics approach the ill-nature of human nature, and its desire to heal itself without any idea what healing means or what to heal. When the lights dim and tracks such as “Turn Into Water” begin to play, you cannot help but enter your feelings with a brisk fluidity. When a good guitar chord meets and clashes with a machinated key, it feels like the best and worst of you begin to meet and clash, as well. Personally, I love moody songs that melt upon my mind like dark, rich caramel and Maybird serves that. Thus, for a show good, quick show of good musician that know how to blend the bright and sullen, watch Maybird. Click Here For More Information On Maybird Click Here.
Maybird – Turning Into Water