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Concert Review: Flint Eastwood Is A BADASS At Mercury Lounge

Opening for Sigrid, Flint Eastwood came into the Mercury Lounge like a FREAKIN HUMAN TORPEDO. I was in awe by the sheer bravado and boldness of this Detroit native. Usually, if I go into a room screaming, “Everybody GET UP NOW!”, I would either be arrested or completely ignored; either way, I would end up in tears from powerlessness. Yet, when Flint Eastwood says “We are going to have fun, Mother- F**kers!”, you best believe you are going to get up, have fun, and smile, whether you like it or not. Hence, Flint Eastwood is a Badass! because her concert is proof that power is not just money or music; it is a person.
Flint Eastwood – Queen (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

For Flint, there is NO SUCH THING as the “fourth wall”, or the invisible wall that separates performers from the crowd. She, immediately, surpasses it, and ask the audience to partake in singing along to “Monster” by make sure to yell the “Alright!” lyric or, as she said, “Make it loud, not pretty!”. For Flint, a concert is a time to leave all pretensions and the false faces you put on at work. From diets to anxieties, she said to leave it all at the door. Yet, there was such a genuine command to her presence that you felt like you had to. As she tossed and broke down her body/ voice in fierce anthems, “Queen” and “Glitches”. Each of her songs were about more than just “rebelling”; they were about empowering yourself, which in some ways, is like rebelling. The minute you see your worth, you are bound to gain a few enemies, but if you think making your worth less will make them friends , you are wrong. From “Assemble Kids” to “Rewind”, Flint Eastwood’s music is about accepting that the best version of you is unlike anyone else, and that is something worth celebrating. With her green eyes wide, a red-ranger hat, and a voice that happily delivers resilience and persistence like a vocal ATM machine, I could not believe that Flint Eastwood existed. No one should be that good of a performer; it truly is unfair


Flint Eastwood is such a good performer that she does more than sell her music; she sells herself. After her show, you want Flint Eastwood in your life. She is the person everybody needs to make them feel confident before a job interview, audition, or any other affirming/ possibly life-changing situation. We all have that person we call to remind us that we are strong, and Flint Eastwood’s music does that, but her person does it even more. She IS A MUST-SEE, and as the crowd bent all the way down and jumped with her in laughter and singing, “God Only Knows”, she showed that a big enough heart can make a roomful of people loyal to it within 30 minutes. Everyone was eager to see HER, the force that is Flint Eastwood, again, and she did this as an opener.  Imagine when she is a headliner? I cannot fathom how epic that will be, For More Information On Flint Eastwood Click Here.