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Album Review: Umm’s Double Worshipper Is Slacker Pop Worth The Praise

There are certain artists that make it feel good to feel lazy. Let me explain. Umm’s Double Worshipper is fuzzed and fizzled in every chords that your feel like you are laying out in sun, drinking a cold soda. You guzzle your fresh pop as Stef Drootin and Chris Senseney make you feel right to slack your summer away.

Slacker pop has to be my favorite genre. Anytime, someone say its okay to lay into the warmth of a day and blank out all life questions, I am in! Umm are, particularly, intriguing as artists because they aim for boredom as a sentimental landscape to counter the kaleidoscope shapes of their sounds. Cubed chords and squared keys fall onto tracks “Hunt Haunt”, “Yeah I Want It “, and “Black Summer” that alter in the colorful hues they emote. Whether it is desire, deviance, or dreaminess, Umm’s music never feels like it goes beyond the bed. Senseney and Drootin’s harmonize as if they are resting their heads on a pillow, and uttering their lyrics like they have just awakened from a “philosophy” nap. As they slumbered the meaning of life appeared to them in orange clouds, tapestried timbres, and cherry lollipops, of which life seemed like a sweet fantasy worth staying in. Yet, like in any dream, you have to wake up, and it is in this “awakening” that they sing their tracks and blend their voices like a pillow discussion of all that they saw in their mind that wish to see in life. From “ I’m In Love” to “Idiot Child”, Senseney and Drootin prove that their voices were meant to be married.

Drootin’s soft melodic vocals and Senseney’s deeper register blend to show that no matter what emotional or vocal spectrum, “relaxed” is a virtue we can emanate. Frankly, I cannot believe Umm’s Double Worshipper is their debut. It is so present and purposeful in creating a music ambiance where the listeners just have to listen. With the many accolades this husband and wife shared in music, I should not be surprised that Double Worshipper is an album to praise on July 28. Thus, Click Here To Buy.