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Album Review: Sisters Make You Feel Safe And Happy In “Wait Don’t Wait”

Who would have thought a guitar, a few synthesizers, and a penchant for free-styling could make a delicious record through an I-Phone? Welp! Sisters did! They defy sophomore slumps with a record that is electrically arranged to make you feel like you have jumped into a sweet bubble, and will never be wounded again by bad news. WHAT A DREAM!

Pent to their creativity, Sisters wanted to make a record that could counter 2016. Every day, they would gather instruments and influences, from Progressive Jazz to the current sphere of hate, to make music that felt sonically safe. Now when I say safe, I do not mean their arrangements or their acoustic pushes for a wonderland. “Scene Here”, “Heartbeats”, and “Posing In The Field” composed with sugar and psychedelia. They are like sweet, electro trips made with peyote and pizzazz. You just want to dance and dream as Emily Westman and Andrew Vait harmonize like a modern-day Bee Gees. They hit those higher, disco notes for you to get a higher vibe, and you do. Sisters’ Wait Don’t Wait is, literally, joy filled with horns, string-riffs, and lyrics that remind you life should be happy. From “Sleepy Eyes” to “Love You Too”, they turn “safety” into an atmosphere and self-allowance to smile and dance without worry.

I want to congratulate Sisters on making an album to counter 2016. If only they could make this record into a year, life would feel so much more livable and breathable again. This duo wanted to kick hate, in any form, out of their music, and they mindfully succeeded. Sometimes, we think talking about our sadness frees us from it, but Sisters see that it is talking about our happiness and potential of it that does. Wait Don’t Wait shows that positivity is fun because it is a virtuous permission to celebrate the better things in life like this album, which comes out On October 13 Click Here.