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Album Review: Phoebe Bridgers Makes You Feel Like A “Stranger In The Alps”

Irreverence is a fascinating term. It kind of reminds me of Curb Your Enthusiasm, where you find hilarious, poignant characters dim and brighten their humor according to the ridiculousness of their “habitat”/ life. For Phoebe Bridgers, every mind is a habitat that holds musings of and motivations for who we are in Stranger In The Alps.
Phoebe Bridgers – Motion Sickness (Official Video)

Stranger In The Alps might be a reference/ code for how Ms. Bridgers feels in life. Like the cold, crisp air of the Alps guitar melodies wind over, of which Bridgers voice appears like snow. “Motion Sickness” “Demi Moore”, and “Georgia” stand out as tracks that show Bridgers “Father John Misty” side. Like the acclaimed song-writer, Bridgers uses satire to approach seriousness. She is the lyrical equivalent to every time you smiled through a tear or laughed at a mishap when you really wanted to yell over it. The light-heartedness of denying tension makes Bridgers music brim with cathartic relevance. There are moments when you want to say, “Yup, been there!” or “You do that too!”. It is amazing how casually and colorfully we box our pain, and Bridgers displays this through folk rhythms that wave through her music like strolling people. She treats her acoustics like they were the pitter-patters of feet passing through floors and leaving memories upon walls. How we imprint upon others and ourselves is a core wonder to Bridgers, of which her voice emotionally vapes in discovery through tracks like, “Funeral”, “Killer”, and “Chelsea”.
Phoebe Bridgers – Funeral (Official Lyric Video)

Stranger In The Alps is a distinct debut for an artist. Why? Because it is not about making a “bang” or even an impression. It truly plays like the composed journal entries of a young woman trying to explore her role in her own life, which is why you will love it. This album uses literary devices to observe the literal devices/ decisions we use upon ourselves. For More Information on Phoebe Bridgers And To Buy Stranger In The Alps Click Here.
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