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Artist Close-Up: Chastity Releases The “Chains” of Lonely Youth

Channeling the feeling of youth on the fringe, Chastity focuses on the earnest connections found amongst the pent up suburban blue-collar. Living in Whitby Ontario, Brandon Williams creates music in a space of urgency, melody and chaos – an artifact of youth culture that molds the collectivity of isolation. Yes, the isolated can unite and form a network of isolation, and Chains is a look into the dark channels of connection you make when you feel disconnected from the world. 

Sonically, Chains is pure noise-punk. Chastity embodies the smartly, enraged temperament of this genre: keyword is “smartly”. While punk can be diminished into loud anger, Chastity shows that the volume does not matter as much as the reason. People have a right to be angry, especially if they are being alienated, which is a clear message in tracks “Institution”, “Flesh”, and “Popular Belief”. When you feel like you are nothing but a box for people to toss in their junked labels and then kick to the side, it is no wonder that you feel like a spark readying to blow. Welp! Chastity’s Chains is a gazillion sparks in sound, and his lyrics encompass the constant feeling of being a nova of sadness confined by skin and bones. Again, this may seem too dark for others, but Chastity embodies the point of noise punk; it goes into the “darkness” of humanity so that in seeing others connected to it, you feel less alone and even enlightened. It may surprise you to know others are also feeling sad and alone, but, with his ranked and reeling vocals, Chastity says, “Welcome To The Club!”. For More Information on Chastity and To Buy Chains On October 13 Click Here.