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Concert Review: Nawas Are Playful Southern Boys At Rough Trade NYC

Hailing from Louisiana, with a Californian drummer, NAWAS’ Ben McDaniel made it clear that he loves to be the center of attention or, at least, attention loves him as its center. Of course, “attention-seeking” can be seen as negative, but you do not become an artist because you want to be “unknown”. Moreover, why not get attention if you feel like you have “something” purposeful to say and do, of which NAWAS does. This trio is READY to give an electric jamboree of laughs and dance.
NAWAS – Who Are You

Playing on a stage with enough instruments to open up a store, NAWAS showed they were bigger than life. McDaniel circled the stage with a manic freneticism that made him sing his songs as if they were, for too long, pent-up in his chest. He turned the Rough Trade stage into a room that had you debating whether it was a safe space or confining one. There are certain personalities that seem too large for this earth, and McDaniel is one of them. He torpedoes the audience with energy, and takes you warmly aback with his eagerness to connect to you and his music. From a few audio flubs to a few questions from the crowd, McDaniel was a pro-host; handling his concert guests like they had been invited into his home, which when you hear his vocals you will want to stay. This vocalist guzzles notes like smooth bourbon being poured into an ocean of synths and salty lyrics. Tracks like, “Wrong”, “Trouble”, “So Low”, and “Who Are You” all contained verses on feeling like you are going crazy or like your life has become an unmanageable mess.
NAWAS – Make It Work (Audio)

What I love about Nawas is that they are surprisingly thoughtful in verse and vocals compared to how rich they feel in sound. Their songs are made for radio, but their words are made for reflections. It is as if they are trying to sneak in deep messages under a bottle of rocking basslines and chorded corks, of which you decide to open. Yet, trust me, their music is worth opening your heart to, which is why you should Click Here For More Information On NAWAS.
NAWAS – Wrong (Official Video)