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Concert Review: Brian Dunne Puts The Rising Before Star At Rockwood

NYC! I do not know another place that has more musicians salivating over stardom. Yet, fame is not only excitement over getting your picture-taken. It is also driven by the idea of attention and appreciation of your work. Brian Dunne deserves attention and appreciation, and he certainly got it from his Rockwood crowd.

As he says, Rockwood is one of the first places you play when you are rising as musician in NYC, of which he marveled at the high and low times he faced upon that stage. The crowd was packed in and glaring forward like children about to hear a story, which makes sense because Dunne is a narrator. He not only sings for you, but discusses the motivations and humorous tales, The Bachelor loves him,  that inspired his songs and life. He laughed that before Eminem, he was making Anti-Trump songs four years ago, i.e “I’m Gonna Die Down Here”.  He is a funny, kind guy who blends alternative rock with country rock to perfection; think Jason Aldean meets Damien Rice. With a piano and violin stringing threads into songs such as, “If You Want To Stay Awhile”, “Chelsea Hotel”, and “We Don’t Talk About It Anymore” so that they could drape over you like a cape and leave you flying through love. Like the artists mentioned, Dunne know how to present a song for its emotional value, which makes you further appreciate his song-writing skills. He poignantly portrays breakups, makeups, and the lonely inbetween of single-hood where you left wondering whether being alone is better for you or not. Add on that his vocals are distinctively clear, and you have a star that you pray keeps rising. 

I know saying a voice is “clear” can be an odd compliment, but there beautiful, noble quality to Dunne’s voice that moves you. He knows how to show love is more than just a grand gesture; it is a huge effort. Thus, it takes a lot of perseverance to make it in this world, in general, but as an artist it can be a call for double the will-power. Hence, power up Brian Dunne because you have some seriously good love songs. For More Information On Brian Dunne Click Here.