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Concert Review: 5JBarrow Present Fables As Songs At Rockwood

Fables define humanity’s capacity to be legendary. Let’s be honest, we all struggle with the idea that our life does not matter beyond us, in both people and time. Thus, legacies, particularly, folk ones, are important in showing that a person’s presence can go beyond their physicality and even become magical. With strings in hand and statements on deck, 5JBarrow played their songs as if their audience were children sitting around the fire waiting to hear a tale.

5JBarrow is a declarative band. They never stop telling the crowd something about themselves, their music, or their vision of the world. While many artists use limited banter or strictly keep to their body and music to express themselves, 5JBarrow’s concert feels like a giant hour of “sharing is caring”. They treat their bond with the crowd and their music like a forum of fables, in which stories of humanity are told to reinvigorate our faith and balance our fear in the human soul. The night was torn between and introduction of new music such as, “Sarah Brown” and songs from some of their previous EPs From the Dim, Sweet Light. The comparison in sound and presentation shows that the years have only made 5JBarrow gutsier in presentation. More stomps and steeds to push forward to their listeners something each song/ lyrical protagonist is trying to remember; you are alive. This could explain why Eryn Murman and Jason Hite sway and shake their bodies as if to revive their souls. While Murman has a calmer, but firm presence, Jason bursts through with sentiments. Together, they are the ying and yang of how to emote a song. Eryn just use pitch changes in her voice and twinkles in her eye to show what lyrics have pierced her, while Jason writhes in the emotions of a song as if he were going for an Oscar nod.

I love country-folk music, and I, particularly, love a duo of dueling stage presences. Eryn and Jason represent that music is a platform for expression, and, whether you use your entire being or just your eyes, the point is to use your heart. 5JBarrow has a LOT of heart. For More Information On 5JBarrow Click Here.