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Album Review: Romes Show Us Why We LOVE Mainstream Pop In Happy Debut

I had the pleasure to see Romes in concert, and their self-titled debut album delivers in barrels their fun, summery energy. This band aims for euphoria, and approaching life and romance like a dream. Each songs feels like you are running to your love across a sun-soaked beach, which makes my choice album of the week.

Romes is everything we love about mainstream pop-rock. Sure, mainstream may get a “bad rap” by those who believe, “Go Indie or Go Home!”. Yet, being alternative does not make you better or more creative, which is what Romes proves. Their debut shows everything we love about mainstream pop. From catchy hooks (“Deja Vu” and “Spend The Night”), layered synths and harmonies (“When The Night Comes” and “Summer Sound”), and sing-along choruses led by a voice so warm it is sonic cocoa. Jacob Alexander captures the mighty three of mainstream pop vocalists: unfazed, unforced, and sweetly seductive. He simply sounds like a “cool guy” as he pleads for your love or curses it for recognizing him as seen in, “Tryna Be”, “Someone”, and “Believe”. He knows how to drop notes like candy to your ears, and you catch every one like a little kid. Romes are so clearly about having a good time, and not bombarding you with issues, opinions, over even vast sounds. Do not get me wrong! I love artists commentary on humanity and blasting sonics, but I also love simple, blissful songs that make love feel like the center of spiritual lollipop.

Romes self-titled debut is a complete success. It arrives to their essence and desired result: fun! Their sonics work on a colorfully, electric retrograde zipping through waves as if sound could produce a rainbow of lovely thoughts. They are anthemic, joyous, and unabashedly positive in influence. Thus, do not over-think and just listen to happiness of Romes self-titled debut on October 6.