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Albums of The Year – The Lone Bellow’s Walk Into A Storm Thunders With Spirit

Whether live or on record, The Lone Bellow have seemingly formed as a group to uplift my mood. To hear their music is to give your soul a pixie stick of sugared energy. You jolt up at their newest record, Walk Into A Storm.
The Lone Bellow – Time’s Always Leaving (Official Video)

The beauty of The Lone Bellow is that they make you feel like you can confront lightning. Tracks like, “Long Way To Go”, “Come Break My Heart Again”, and “Walk Into A Storm” seemingly confront the finiteness of love.The beauty and burden of humanity is to find strength through how breakable we are. There has and will be several moments in your life that shatter you to the point that any repair means you will never be the same essence again. Yet, The Lone Bellow’s music sings to every repair being an elevation of who you are. Don’t mourn that you cannot be the same, and seize it as an opportunity to better. “Between The Lines”, “Is It Ever Gonna Be Easy”, and “May You Be Well” should be preached like life sermons rather than sung. You just want to close your eyes, raise a hand, and say “Come Holy Spirit!” when you hear Zachary Williams, Brian Elmquist, and Kanene Pipkin harmonize together as if they are their own spiritual trinity. Williams voice seems to have been planted in apple orchards by how he grows and sing lyrics as if they were bites into this juicy fruit. Meanwhile, Pipkin soars her vocality, and Elmquist skates his voice like each notes was a fresh, sheet of ice to cool down your spirit, which oddly riles you up.
The Lone Bellow – Walk Into a Storm

Isn’t it ironic that the things that calm us give us energy? When someone holds kind advice, we gain the clarity to be kind to ourselves. In essence, we confuse freneticism for activity, and think chaos if movement when, in actuality, it is the epitome of being stuck. In The Lone Bellow’s Walk Into A Storm, each chord, key, and overall acoustic is played to break you out of the circles you run in your head so that you can find the path to your happier heart. For More Information On The Lone Bellow Click Here.