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Artist Close Up: Dia Will Make You Surrender To The Tiny Ocean In All Of Us Called Love

Dia is the stunning project of composer and performer, Danielle Birrittella. Raised on a Hindu ashram, the songstress uses etherial vocal textures abstracted by organic percussion, electric guitars, ukulele, tiple, cellos, and drones. As a child she she sang ceremonial ragas, which inspired the spiritual riffs and poetic lyrics she uses throughout her new EP Tiny Ocean.
Tiny Ocean is a love letter to musical experimentation. After gaining acclaim and familial encouragement for her singing talent, Dia grew up to become a world- renown opera singer. Still, her success on stage could not stop her desire to discover her creativity and connection to other genres. Thus, Dia leaped from spiritual hymnals to baroque-pop. You may ask what inspired Dia to go from singing Hindu prayers to pop music, yet for Dia love is the connection between all forms of music, which can be heard through the lushness of Tiny Ocean.

Tiny Ocean is a breathtaking meditation that literally sounds like light entering a darkened room. It is spiritual in a way that can only be described as heavenly, but still manages to keep the mass appeal and swaying movements of pop-music. Thus, her EP can appear like a religious pop track, in which Love, is the master/creator of the universe. Her sterling praise of love as the ruler of all comes from the EP’s inspiration being a12th century poem in which Kafiristan confesses “since you love me and I love you the rest matters not”. This message awakened Dia to the idea that love means surrender. There is no controlling it: only absorbing it. This notion is equivalent to splendor, and turns her songs into beloved jewels falling into your ears.

For Dia, “martyrdom for love is power”. To sacrifice and surrender yourself to this virtue is both a honor and an elevation of spirit. Such high, admiring lyrics of love adds to Dia’s already angelic voice After all, she is a classically trained opera singer, whom knows how and when to target a note for a specific emotion from her audience. Yet, for me, she sounds like a cloud moving in the sky: filled with fluffed wind that is pure and clear. Her influences of classical music, such as Baroque and French Romantics, beautifully infuses with the modern, cinematic folk lyrics she uses to present her passion for love. Yes, Dia is passionate about love like, a lawyer whom would defend her client’s innocence till the end of time. To her, love is not an inflictor of pain, as some artists may sing. Instead, it is the only healer of it. For More Information On Dia Click Here.